Common rules for all events

The ways in which the event is expected to stand the students of the district in good stead are many:
  A. A MIND FEST is a basket of events. Students with different interests and skill sets will find a common ground here to build a fraternity spurred by a sense of participation, learning and intellectual pursuits
  B. With the district under its radar the scale of the event is going to be sizeable. It invites students from all government and private schools to participate. There are more than 400 registered private schools and 2000 government schools in the district. The event intends to bring the best talent from the schools together on the same platform. Peer learning, thus, is going to be an added benefit.
  C. Different events have been kept to tap different interests and talent of students. For example, to foster creativity, painting and creative writing contests are there. To encourage general awareness and presence of mind, quiz contests will be organized. To give impetus to vocabulary and logical thinking, crossword contests are planned. Contests involving mathematical and reasoning ability are also in the kitty. In a nutshell, the event will tap the best talent from across the district.
  D. The event will be organized under the presidentship of the District Magistrate of Darbhanga. Officials from government and the subject experts from the district are collaborating to make the Mind Fest a grand success. This is, therefore, likely to set a benchmark for such events in the future in other districts, bringing to the fore Bihar’s unparalleled legacy of learning.