Event – Spelling Bee (English)

  Open for school students (2 categories)
  Duration: 30 minutes
  Written Test of 30 questions
  15 questions for spelling correction
o Example – Correct the spelling of ASSASINATION (Ans – ASSASSINATION)
  15 questions for jumbled words
o Example – Rearrange the jumbled letters to make a meaningful word – EARNTOFON (Ans – AFTERNOON)
  In charge of the contest – Mr. Vishal Gaurav (Darbhanga Public School)
  In case of tie in scores, the students who have submitted their answers faster shall be placed higher. If the tie still persists, a set of 5 wrong spellings will be given. This will be based on accuracy and time.
  Prizes and certificates for top 3 in each category.
  Students may bring cardboards for writing support. In addition to that, some old magazines and newspapers will be kept by event organizers for writing support.
  Papers will be checked during the day and the prizes announced and given the next day.